Antibiotics for Acne

Since 1897, when the renowned French dermatologist Raymond Sabouraud first noted that material from acne lesions contained bacteria, it has been assumed that killing that bacteria would clear acne. What M. Sabouraud did not realize is that all pores, whether afflicted with acne or clear, contain those same bacteria. Bacteria does not cause acne. The excess shedding of skin cells … Read More

Accutane® – the Basics

Accutane® is the original trade name of the generic drug isotretinoin. It is an isomer of Vitamin A acid which, when taken orally, systemically stops the production of sebum throughout the body. Acne is an inherited disease of the sebaceous follicles – what we call pores – in which the lining of the pores shed too many dead skin cells. … Read More

Accutane® – in-Depth

The use of Accutane® for acne has become highly controversial, and for very good reasons, but in the beginning it seemed like the answer to every acne sufferer’s prayers. After the initial success of topical retinoids in the late 1970’s, the scientists at Hoffman-LaRoche, (the manufacturer of Johnson and Johnson’s Retin A®) began investigating a related chemical compound of retinoic … Read More

Chemical Peels

There is a lot of misunderstanding about what chemical peels are and what they can do, but they are quite useful in the management and clearing of acne. In the simplest terms, a chemical peel is the process of applying a chemical solution to the skin to improve and smooth its texture by removing the damaged outer layers or stimulating … Read More

Treat Cystic Acne

By its very sound, cystic acne seems scary. In the standard grading of acne it is considered the most severe, and it is the type most likely to leave scars. But in simplest terms, cystic acne is inflamed acne. All acne lesions start with what scientists call “microcomedones” which are microscopic plugs made up of dead skin cells. People who … Read More

Dermatologist or Esthetician for Acne?

When people realize they need help with acne, often their first thought is to see a dermatologist. Occasionally people think of heading to the esthetician. Which is the better choice? The answer is that they really need to think of finding an acne specialist.

How to Pop a Pimple

The short answer is, “don’t.” Oh I know!  Popping pimples is so tempting.  That pimple looks ugly with all the pus, and you just know you have to have it out of there.  You’ve got a big presentation coming up, or the prom, or your wedding! But squeeze, poke, stick, dig, prick, pop those pimples and you create a wound … Read More

Natural Acne Treatments

In looking for quality assurance today, many people believe that if something is considered natural it will be both better and safer than something considered synthetic. This belief makes sense. We want our foods to be organic, free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers, because these substances have been shown to build up in our bodies and potentially lead to cancer … Read More