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Unlike the red marks or brown marks left when a lesion heals, true acne scars, those pits and indentations that develop from inflamed acne, are almost impossible to get rid of.

At the Acne Treatment Center, we have encountered thousands of clients who are already scarred when they come to us for help with their acne.

We can definitely help with the acne. We can help with the red and the brown marks. But the pits? Those are a challenge.

However, for the last four and a half years we have been exploring various possibilities and have hit on something that seems to help. It does not make your skin perfect. You will not go back to baby-bottom smooth. There is literally nothing that will make that happen. But there has been definite improvement for most of our clients who have tried our Radio Frequency Sublative and Sublime treatments.

Radio frequency creates sublation in the skin, and microscopic openings in the epidermis that break up scar tissue and stimulate the body’s natural healing response. This in turn creates new collagen, elastin, and fibroblasts to help smooth skin imperfections. This treatment does have brief downtime, requiring a few days for skin healing, similar to a sunburn.

Those who have the best results are those who are taking good care of their skin while going through the treatments. We recommend anyone committing to Radio Frequency treatments to be on a skincare regimen designed by our estheticians for your skin.

It is also important that you no longer have active acne.

The process takes time. Typically, six treatments at least a month apart are necessary to effect change. The improvement continues for about two years after the last treatment. Almost everyone is thrilled with the change.

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Are you a good candidate for RF Treatments?

  • I have clear skin and no longer break out with acne lesions
  • I have indented scars or raised scars on my skin (meaning these are more than red marks or brown marks)
  • I know that I will need to commit to 6 or more treatments for the best smoothing results


Full FacePartial
Consult$100 (applied to treatment if you sign up)$100 (applied to treatment if you sign up)
1 treatment$500$300
3 treatment package$1,200$800
6 treatment package$2,200$1,500

Rolling Scar Treatment Before & After

This type of scarring is hard to treat and we are very proud of the results.

After 1.5 Years

Pitted Scar Treatment Before & After

After 6 Months

* Results may vary from person to person