Introducing Herbal Masks

Herbal mask map meant to guide you to finding the perfect fit for your skin!

Written by Celeste Nirschl, Lead Esthetician & LME


Which mask is good for my skin and why?

Pigmentation Mask

This mask was designed for those who may have seen a little too much sun over the years and are seeing some spots they wish weren’t there. We put the natural powerhouse brightening ingredient licorice in it. Over time licorice may help to reduce the appearance of pigmentation and may promote a more even skin tone. Other key ingredients include green tea for its anti-oxidant power along with Vitamins B2 and E, rose hips another powerhouse of anti-inflammatory agents and healing properties of vitamins B and C plus Lycopene and Beta Carotene , and fenugreek which can help brighten as well. Using this mask over time may help to reduce the appearance of pigmentation when paired with a pigmentation fighting routine. Caution this mask can feel minty when applied!

Anti-Viral Mask

This mask is for clients who suffer from HSV-1 out breaks on or around their lips (cold sore lesions) especially if you have them occurring after a treatment with us. The mask may help to reduce your chances of having a lesion after receiving a chemical peel in our office, but does not replace anti-viral medications. This is an herbal mask mixed with anti-viral herbs but is not a cure or a replacement for traditional therapies from your doctor. Even if you have recurrent outbreaks when you aren’t seeing us this mask could possibly slow down the occurrences of those breakouts. We use anti-viral herbs such as sage, rosemary, licorice, cat’s claw and calendula.  

Extreme Moisture Mask

Clients who can’t seem to get ahead of their dryness should use this mask as a Moisture pick me up! It has soothing ingredients to help calm the irritation caused by excessive dryness. Ingredients like oatmeal, chamomile and comfrey will soothe the skin. Flax seed and milk thistle will help with barrier function to ensure your skin can repair itself and get back to its healthy glow!

Inflammation Mask

This mask is perfect for our oily skinned clients struggling with inflamed acne (red and painful lesions) this is our secret 5A reductase formula that targets and slows the DHT production in your body which can lead to more acne and inflammation! Yikes! It can also help slow hair growth as well!

 Anti- Aging Mask

This was a labor of love! This mask is designed for any client who wants to slow down the hands of time! It will make your skin feel softer, smoother, and lighter! With an herb blend made of Green tea, licorice, fenugreek, and reishi mushroom. We’ve also added some powerhouse antioxidants like niacinamide, an acne safe form of Vitamin C, and Resveratrol (yes that’s the anti-oxidant found in red wine). These antioxidants are there to brighten as well as decrease the effects of free radicals on the skin! Free radicals are notoriously known to cause environmental aging!

ALLERGY WARNING ⚠. This mask contains egg whites!!!

Rosacea Mask

This mask is for our clients who suffer from severe or mild cases of Rosacea. We cannot diagnose you with Rosacea however if you have a lot of flushing on your face specifically the cheek chin and nose area this mask can help reduce that flushing appearance overtime! Formulated with ingredients like saw palmetto and quassiawood to help fight the dermadex mite associated with Rosacea!

Moisture Mask

This mask specifically is the Moisture Mask designed to help that tired dehydrated skin you’re struggling with. It has ingredients such as green tea, oatmeal and much more to revive and bring back that dewy skin we all want! If you tried our Christmas mask we handed out during the holidays this is the same formulation

Angiogenesis Mask

It’s a long name but one of my favorite formulations!

This mask is designed to help with those pesky red marks left behind by an Acne lesion long after it’s gone. Some people call these acne scars but that’s not truly what they are. Those red marks are developed because of tiny blood vessels that your body creates and uses to heal an acne lesion. Once the acne lesion is gone it can take the body 6-8 months to reabsorb the blood vessels! If your impatient like me, that’s too long! So we formulated this with Hibiscus which has been shown to help heal wounds faster by developing quicker re-epithelialization for the skin and reducing the visibility of the pesky red marks! Disclaimer this mask can be a little tingle so have a fan handy. For a deeper look into this mask,
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