Antibiotics for Acne

Since 1897, when the renowned French dermatologist Raymond Sabouraud first noted that material from acne lesions contained bacteria, it has been assumed that killing that bacteria would clear acne. What M. Sabouraud did not realize is that all pores, whether afflicted with acne or clear, contain those same bacteria. Bacteria does not cause acne. The excess shedding of skin cells … Read More

Accutane® – the Basics

Accutane® is the original trade name of the generic drug isotretinoin. It is an isomer of Vitamin A acid which, when taken orally, systemically stops the production of sebum throughout the body. Acne is an inherited disease of the sebaceous follicles – what we call pores – in which the lining of the pores shed too many dead skin cells. … Read More

Accutane® – in-Depth

The use of Accutane® for acne has become highly controversial, and for very good reasons, but in the beginning it seemed like the answer to every acne sufferer’s prayers. After the initial success of topical retinoids in the late 1970’s, the scientists at Hoffman-LaRoche, (the manufacturer of Johnson and Johnson’s Retin A®) began investigating a related chemical compound of retinoic … Read More