How to Pop a Pimple

The short answer is, “don’t.”

Oh I know! Popping pimples is so tempting. That pimple looks ugly with all the pus, and you just know you have to have it out of there. You’ve got a big presentation coming up, or the prom, or your wedding!

But squeeze, poke, stick, dig, prick, pop those pimples and you create a wound that can take more than a week to heal. Ice it and it will be gone in a couple of days.

I look at “popped pimples” all day long through these wonderful magnifying lenses I use called surgical telescopes. They let me see your pores “up close and personal” for evaluation and extractions. If you could see your popped pimple through these, you would never do it again.

When you squeeze a pimple you almost always damage or break the follicle wall, letting bacteria, dead skin cells and sebum into the surrounding tissue. These invaders signal the immune system to send not only white blood cells, but an enzyme to dissolve the “invading” dead skin cells. But those dead skin cells are keratinized, made really tough, to protect the outside of your skin, so the enzyme is useless against them, but not useless against the surrounding tissue. It eats away at that, and that is how you get those ice-pick, pock-mark-type acne scars.

Those scars are forever. Lasers, surgical dermabrasion, and deep chemical peels can only help improve the appearance of these types of acne scars, and they only do so in about 50% of cases. Nothing can get rid of those scars. So please, don’t pop the pimples.

See an acne specialist and get on a good topical program and you won’t be seeing pimples to pop.

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