Skin Classic Treatment

Time Varies; $25 per lesion, multiples by quote

The non-evasive Skin Classic procedure rapidly treats minor skin irregularities like the ones below:

Skin Tag Treatment

Skin tags are small benign growths that appear on lots of places on your body  They look like bits of skin that grow out of nowhere.   Skin tags are harmless but annoying to most people, and can easily be dealt with by a Skin Classic treatment.  We treat them.  They dry up and fall off in a matter of days.*

Sebaceous Hyperplasia Treatment

You know those funny little skin bumps that appear on your face?  They aren’t pimples.  They aren’t moles.  But they don’t go away!  They could be a harmless skin disorder with a long weird name– Sebaceous Hyperplasia.  Lots of people who have had acne get them.  It’s as if  the opening of the pore turned inside out on itself – like rolling down a sock – and trapped sebum inside.   Luckily, there is a sebaceous hyperplasia treatment.  The Skin Classic machine melts this skin irregularity instantly to help you get rid of Sebaceous Hyperplasia.*

Cherry Angioma Treatment

Tiny red bumps that don’t go away.  Zap them with the Skin Classic and they are gone instantly.  Everyone who watches this treatment goes “WOW!”*

Telangiactasia Treatement

People call them “broken capillaries” but they aren’t really broken, just visible.  A Skin Classic treatment can make them invisible.  Fast.*

Get your sebaceous hyperplasia, skin tags, broken capillaries, cherry angiomas and other minor skin irregularities treated with a Skin Classic Treatment at the Acne Treatment Center. Contact us today!

* Your results may vary from person to person.