Acne Treatments

First Time Appointment

90 minutes, $85 plus products

The first time you come to visit us, we spend a lot of time together. We will discuss what acne is, because when you understand what it is, what you have to do to get clear makes more sense. Then we will talk about your individual concerns and situation. While you didn’t do anything to cause your acne, you may be doing things that can make it harder to clear and we want to help you understand those blocking factors. Then we go into the treatment room and examine and test your skin to help us to learn what type of skin you have and what type of acne you have. Those two factors help us to put together a homecare protocol for you because 75% of getting clear is the daily care you take of your skin. We also provide our first treatment, so what you do at home will work better.*

The products you will need to take care of your skin at home will need to be purchased at the first appointment. They vary in price depending on your skin’s needs but will typically be between $150 and $200 for supplies that last two to three months.

Acne Treatments

Duration varies according to individual need, $85

Acne Client Testimonial

“I’m just so glad to have it off my face. It was so annoying!”

– teenage boy


Our in-office acne treatments are completely individualized, but all include exfoliation and extraction. The type of exfoliation we do is dependent on your skin’s needs and tolerances. Extractions vary according to how many you need and your tolerance. All of our acne treatments provide the following:

  • Appropriate exfoliation for your skin type, type of acne and your physical condition. Proper exfoliation allows the products to penetrate the skin and into the pores much more effectively.
  • Hydration of the skin which is necessary for more rapid healing of the lesions and to make your skin more receptive to your home-care acne regimen. The acne products have a tendency to dry out the skin as you are getting used to them.
  • Extractions to remove the acne impactions that are closer to the surface, allowing the lesions to heal more quickly.
  • Treatment to combat the bacteria inside the pore.
  • Lifting and lightening of any dark spots that may be a result of your acne lesions.

All acne skin care treatments have a specific focus for what your skin needs at the time of your visit. Sometimes the skin will need more hydration, other times it will need more anti-bacterial and/or anti-inflammatory action.

Specialists at The Acne Treatment Center will analyze your skin at the beginning of every visit to assess which treatment would serve you best, and determine what changes need to be made to your custom home care routine. Acne treatments are performed every two weeks until your skin clears. It is important that we see you every two weeks to assess your progress and how your skin is responding to treatment. At that point we will almost always adjust your home care, as your skin adapts to your current routine in about two weeks.

It typically takes three to four months to clear your skin.  After you’re clear we usually ask to see you once a month for about three months to be sure that you can stay clear with less intervention from us.  If you do, we turn you loose and you can come as often or as infrequently as you like, but you will need to maintain your home care to keep the acne under control.*

Back Acne Treatment / Chest Acne Treatment

Acne Client Testimonial

“Oh hooray! It’s paying off!”

– Mom looking at before & after photos


Independently $85 and up. As an add-on to face acne – $50 and up.

Many individuals with face acne, also experience chest acne and back acne. Sometimes, chest or back acne will appear even though the face is clear. The back and the chest are treated differently because the skin is much thicker on the back than on the chest. The price variance has to do with the extent of the body acne and therefore the time and area involved.

KP Treatment

Upper arms $85

You know those funny bumps some people get on their upper arms? They don’t really look like pimples on the face, but there are similarities. Those bumps are known as “Keratosis Pilaris” and are caused by blocked follicles. We can treat them with a combination of an in-office exfoliation and home care.

* Results may vary from person to person