Jane DudikFounder Jane Dudik’s Story

When I developed acne as a teenager, my mother took me to a dermatologist who prescribed Tetracycline with unlimited refills. “Just stay on this until you don’t need it anymore.” It did help get rid of my acne, but made my skin really sensitive to the sun. Being fair, I got terrible sunburns, and gradually my blemishes returned. In college, I saw a doctor about a yeast infection that wouldn’t go away and he was shocked that I had been on an antibiotic for three years. He immediately took me off the acne treatments. My face broke out with a vengeance, so he prescribed birth control pills, which did control my acne, but created other problems.

The next doctor took me off birth control pills and told me in order to get rid of my acne blemishes I just needed to keep my face clean. I tried all the over-the counter acne products I could find. By then I was out of college, had broken up with my boyfriend, and was looking for my first job, which I wasn’t finding. The economy was a lot like the economy today. Can you spell stress? Guess what my face looked like?

Walking down Newberry Street in Boston, despairing at my reflection in every shop window, I came upon the first esthetician’s studio I had ever seen. This was 1979 and these practitioners had trained in Switzerland, but the specialty was virtually unheard of here. Under their guidance and treatment, my skin was finally, beautifully, clear! And not coincidentally, I got a job.

Acne Treatments That Didn’t Work

Many years later my three sons reached their teens and they, too, had terrible acne blemishes. So I found a local esthetician and asked if she could help with acne treatments. She tried, but their acne got worse. I was completely confused. How could what had worked so well for me, not work for them? I didn’t yet understand that what I had found in Boston 25 years earlier was very rare.

I took the boys to the dermatologist, who prescribed Minocycline, and then various washes, then RetinA, and finally for the oldest, Accutane. After his experience with that acne treatment, there was no way I was going to let my younger ones use it. Nothing worked, and some side effects were simply too dangerous.

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